Yesterday a friend of ours called to say that he felt the Lord was accelerating things. Since that call my spirit has been stirred and I’ve been asking the Lord what are you saying?

Today while I watched Glory of Zion during which they began to sing about turning.  One of dancers came forward and she told she was doing a study on movement.  Turning denotes a change and forming according to her study.

On Facebook also a friend posted “You can’t the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.”

When words come at times I get aggravated because my life isn’t demonstrating or moving in what others seem to be effortlessly flowing in.  I wonder am I so that out of touch? Other times I hear and see the words and know I am in the midst of the very same.  And last but not least other times it explains to me what has been happening.  It gives me the courage to continue.

While reading in Joshua the Lord began to show me about the changing of mantles and leaders.  The book of Joshua speaks of total obedience and courage. 

The Lord usually will speak to me from several sources. As I am reviewing all of these indicators I know He is ready to bring us into what He is doing if we will let go of the old, allow him to turn us (as the potter forms pottery).   Allowing the Lord full reign can be scary.  What will happen? What will I look like if I allow Him to totally reform me?  How painful will it be?  Yet those of us who have been through this process before know that all He takes or changes is so worth it.  All that He does is only good. When it’s over we wonder why we didn’t allow it before.

So if the turning process is allowed and completed without us jumping off the wheel, we will be placed on time in time within the acceleration of what He is doing. We do have a choice, just as the disciples of John the Baptist had a choice to go with Jesus or stay with the old (John).   He does not chastise us if we choose to stay where we are.  However we cannot go with Him if we stay where we are.  Staying doesn’t change our salvation but it does impede our growth.

I have a sense that I will be out of loop for a while, that if I allow the taking out and down I will come out at some date as the Song of Solomon says leaning on my beloved. For a person who likes to be in the middle of it.  I am at a point of choosing will I allow Him to place me once again as an invisible to work His reworking on His pottery wheel.  My hearts cry has always been to be a vessel of use. 

I have certain items in my kitchen that I use all the time.  I have certain knifes that I reach for because they are my favorites.  I want to me a favorite one that the Lord reaches for when He wants something accomplished.  In order to be that vessel I need to allow the re-forming.  Who I was in my last season is no longer valid for the next one.   If I stay the same He doesn’t need that tool now. 

How long does this process take?  It takes as long as He sees it needs to.  When I was in ministry school there was this statement made regularly.  It takes us forever to get us into His presence but once we get there really get there we don’t want to leave.  It does not worry me how long will I be invisible to Him. It worries me more how long will it take for me to let go of all I need to, to be able to get into that place of turning.

What areas of your life does He want to turn (as on the potter’s wheel)?

What do you see accelerating in your life or around you?  Are you ready?

Have you been obedient in all things?

 Are you full of courage for the journey ahead? 

Are you ready for new leaders and mantles?

Do you have a sense of what He wants to do in you and are you willing to allow it?