Last night I watched on food network Bobby Flay’s new program in which he arrives at a couple’s home to have dinner.  Three couples compete to be the best home cook of that particular city. Each couple has to serve three courses with a theme. Last night the theme was Speakeasy. 

This morning while reading my email and thinking about writing a couple of blog entries I came across an article or service named Speakeasy.  This service is for Christian writers and bloggers.  When I start to see the same thing in different places I begin to think okay what is happening? What needs to be said?

I am not so sure speakeasy is really what needs to happen, but I understand the concept I think Speak truth would be a better title.

According to Wikipedia, A speakeasy, also called a blind pig or blind tiger, is an establishment that illegally sells alcoholic beverages. They began back during prohibition.

I think we need to proclaim what we are talking about not behind closed doors, or hiding out suggesting what we are doing is not right.  Or worse yet discuss only among ourselves what we believe or sense.  Christianity has not done a good of getting our messages out.  For that matter what is our message? What is your message? This has been brought home to me this year as I have reentered the secular work force.

Learning that the “Christian ease” that I didn’t know was so engrained in me, made it difficult to express what I believe and why.  To those who have no experience or understanding of doctrine, denominational differences, or what I would “think” would be the basics.

During the year I made some new friends, one was a drug dealer , a very strict Catholic, one who is mad at God because her mother died, another who is a new age practitioner and last but not least one who married into and divorced out of a Pentecostal family.  Each of them are delightful people who would extend their hand should I ever need anything.  My goal is not to make them into me it’s more about sharing and living truth.  I don’t have answers for those who don’t have questions.

I have begun some soul searching, how relevant is what I believe? How can I explain what I believe and why in a way that those who don’t have my experiences, teaching and beliefs would understand?  The only way I have found so far is how I live.  How I live is so much more important than what I say.  This belief or way of speaking has served me well.  It does not take long and new friends recognize I am different.  One of my favorite quotes in my words goes something like this “Preach the gospel at all time only when necessary use words.”

Just some things to think about – No that’s all we’ve been doing is thinking? So how am I going to change how I talk so those who don’t live in my world can connect with me or I can connect with them? That is the question I am working to answer in my life.