At my last work assignment this email went around. I believe it was generated from, Wade G. Steckel, however I am not completely certain as I said it was an email sent to me from someone else.  So if I have missed the author I apologize and will correct the error if it’s pointed out.


Every once in while it’s nice to be reminded of this important part of who we are. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


“When I was a basketball coach, and even now as an official I often comment how certain players have tremendous potential.  At work I meet associates whom I see as having tremendous potential.  Sometimes we call it an “upside”.   Heck, I have 7 of them on my very own team!  But what does it mean to have that “potential”?


Potential is that strength in us that is unused.  It is the talent in us that is hidden and not exposed yet.  It is untapped abilities.  It is talents that still lay dormant.  It is those capabilities in us that we unknowingly have capped off.  Do you realize the wealth of potential that you have been blessed with?  Why would you want to deprive this world of those blessings, those gifts that are inside of you?  That potential still in you is what you were put here for, to use it.   It is your purpose! 


Do not be one of the over 5 billion people of this world who never maximize the full potential that was placed within them.  Do not settle for a mediocre life.  Realize that you have it and work extra hard to express it, to use it, to cultivate it, to share it.  Guard it from laziness and contentment and distraction and compromise.  We have been given a powerful, wonderful gift and He would expect you to use it!  We call it UP side for one reason, it came from above, so don’t squander it!”