In the year of the Bee – trained honey bees reveal land mines.  Can you believe that bees can be trained?  I think that is really interesting. Even more so than how interesting it is, think about the spiritual aspects. We know we are in the Hebrew year 5774, and one of the images that depict this year is that of the honeybee. Wow can you believe God is talking to us about land mines and honeybees. What could that mean?  Today while watching Glory of Zion’s live webcast, the teacher Robert Heidler spoke about we need to be aware that our enemy wants to take us out but God is warning us and will make a way to avoid the land that the enemy has placed in our path to take us out. Think about the symbolism: land mines (destruction) honeybees trained to expose the land mines (it’s like inside information). One of the other words that describe this year prophetically is that of a door or path. (our day to day life).


The bible tells that we should be able to read the signs of the times. It would be hard not to the get message when we take the time to look at it.


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Check it out at webcast replay starting tomorrow.  Join me in prayer,


Lord I want to see the land mines the enemy has placed on my path. Reveal anything hidden in me, around me or any mindsets that would cause me to get caught in a land mine. Open my ears to hear you and sense your voice. In Jesus name, AMEN!