Dean and I love cruising thrift stores. Every city we hang out in we make sure to visit all of them we can.  One of my hunts is for books… I found some good books the other day. So today I thought I’d look through my treasures.  I got a surprise when I opened one of the books.  The book was about becoming your “higher” self it did not occur to me it was a book I should not own or entertain until I started reading the first few pages… started out something like “Written by ___ channel for ___”  I looked and looked again and said out loud oops.


Life happens to all of us, we make mistakes and get involved with stuff that we shouldn’t. Robert Heidler says its okay “We can repent”.  I want to encourage you that when we make mistakes we should take the time to fix it.  The time to deal with it  is when we realize or have that oops moment.  I told Dean hey  I got myself a book I should not have, and said Lord to the Lord, forgive me.  I ripped up the book, I didn’t want anyone else to get it either.  Put it outside in the trash, washed my hands and asked Holy Spirit to wash me.  I also pled the blood of Jesus over myself and our camper. Then I moved onto another book to get some good reading done.

Moving on from mistakes is that easy do what you have to do.  Repent and move on!